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We proudly present unique Videoclips about Princess Diana. Relax and let you enchant by Diana. See the most important events in Dianas Life. Now, we wish you a lot of emotions. More Videoclips are coming soon...

        The best mother of the world

Naomi Watts in Diana's Panorama interview   Diana theatrical Trailer   Hasnat Khan - Princess Diana's Secret Love
    Diana exclusive trailer biopic 3    
03-11-2013   26-09-2013   31-07-2013

Diana exclusive trailer biopic   Diana - Her two sons   Service for Diana - Prince Harry's Tribute to Diana
Diana exclusive trailer biopic 1        
15-06-2013   23-06-2013    31-08-2007

Queen of hearts: Diana was interested in the destiny of other people. She stands up to help the poor and needy.
Prinzessin Diana Video Clip   Lady Diana Video: Queen of hearts (HIGH) [ Windows Media Video ]
    Lady Diana Videoclip: Queen of hearts (LOW) [ Windows Media Video ]

Dancing: Do you remember when Diana and Charles were dancing? Diana loved dancing ...
Prinzessin Diana Video Clip    Princess Diana Video: Dancing (HIGH)[ Windows Media Video ]
     Lady Diana Videoclip: Dancing (LOW) [ Windows Media Video ]

Queen of fashion: Princess Diana was interested in fashion. Over the years, she often changed her outfit. Many people wanted to copy her - without success...
   Princess Diana Video: Queen of fashion (HIGH)  [ Windows Media Video ]
     Lady Diana Videoclip: Queen of fashion (LOW)  [ Windows Media Video ]

Last moments: See the last video photographs of Diana and Dodi. The last instants in the life of Diana and Dodi, before the terrible accident happened.
   Princess Diana Video: Last minutes (HIGH)  [ Windows Media Video ]
     Lady Diana Videoclip: Last minutes (MEDIUM)  [ Windows Media Video ]

Say Goodbye: Impressions of the funeral with the original song, which Elton John sang during the ceremony.
   Princess Diana Video: Burial  [ Windows Media Video ] 3 min, 15sec




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