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This is a game like a puzzle where the user has to recompose a picture.
You can pla
y 2 different Jigsaw puzzles about Diana.

The jigsaw will start with the picture broken up into pieces. If the mouse is moved over a piece, a highlight should be seen. It is then possible to move the piece by pressing the left mouse button and holding it down whilst "dragging" the selected piece. The selected piece can be rotated by clicking the right mouse button.
When the puzzle is correctly solved, a message will appear on the top line. If this does not appear and the puzzle "seems" to be solved, it is usually because a piece is in the wrong place or is rotated into the wrong position
Dieses Onlinespiel ist eine Art Puzzle. Zwei verschiedene Puzzle rund um Diana stehen zur Verfügung.
Mit der linken Maustaste können Sie die Puzzleteile aufnehmen, bewegen und platzieren.
Mit der rechten Maustaste können die ausgewählten Puzzleteile gedreht werden.


1.  "Park House", near Sandringham, Norfolk - where Diana was born



2.  Princess Diana's and Charles`engagement rings - hand in hand. © 2004


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